When hiring a hosting provider for a website, you must take into account a very important feature that can not be left out when selecting any service plan; Is it the type of hosting to use, Windows or Linux ? Perhaps this point generates a lot of confusion for some people however, if we take into account certain criteria and we have clarity of the type of page we wish to handle, then the decision would be simpler and undoubtedly more accurate.

When we evaluate between the hosting option Windows vs Linux, we find two opposite sides, but capable of giving effective solutions to any project; However, it is not about looking for the best, but searching for the one that best suits the needs of your website. Therefore, we present a series of characteristics to evaluate both proposals.

It is worth mentioning that in order to evaluate both scenarios, it is not necessary to take into account the characteristics of your personal team or the team where the site will be managed since each and every aspect to select the type of hosting is only evaluated on the server where the web page will be hosted. Therefore, if the type of hosting is Windows or Linux, it is completely transparent on the client’s side.


Specific Requirements

In the case of needing a SQL Server database as a specific requirement, or your web page has been developed using .Net, there is no place for evaluation since you should definitely opt for a Windows Hosting so that the website works correct form.

While the pages designed with PHP and MySql database can run perfectly in a Linux hosting, both are fully compatible open source tools. However, although a site developed with PHP can run in both environments. It is important to verify if Windows hosting has considered this aspect in its technical specifications which could not be as simple as using a Linux hosting.



The economic aspect is well defined between the hosting options Linux and Windows, because in the case of Linux hosting is always cheaper since it is a tool that works in a free environment and does not demand large expenses. While in the case of Windows you must pay for a commercial license and if additional programs are required that are also private, you must pay for them. If you have a limited budget when choosing the type of hosting for your page, then Linux hosting would be the indicated option.


Security & Stability

These issues are really important because they give the client confidence when choosing a type of accommodation. But it is worth mentioning that both Linux and Windows are not exempt from inconveniences and attacks in their services which are usually solved. Taking into account that in the technological world the improvements and the innovations are constant, it is necessary to keep up to date and update the services whenever it is required. However, both proposals are really safe and reliable and in the case of Linux, although it is an open source tool, it has a whole community of users behind it, testing, improving and maintaining the stability of its services.


Integration & Interface

In the aspect of the interface, Windows is definitely more practical and with a more graphical and intuitive interface, since it is basically what people are familiar with. While in the case of Linux, command lines are used to do almost everything, it is not so simple or common for most and also requires a basic level of knowledge that many do not usually have. And although this management is at the server level and the client usually manages its operations through a control panel ( Cpanel is highly recognized and popular), there may be cases where this level of knowledge is necessary if a plan is chosen more complete as a VPS or a dedicated server. You should also take into account that the administration of the site is done through a control panel with all the respective management functions, but it is important to have an idea of ​​what is beyond this interface.



Certainly we can find many Windows connoisseurs that could respond to the inconveniences that could arise during the use of the tool; while in the case of Linux, perhaps you do not have the same luck. And really with Windows it could be understood better what is the problem, while with Linux the messages are not usually so clear and the presented inconveniences are not easily perceived.

Once all the aspects are considered and taking into account the needs for each website, we can say that the technology to be used for the development of the pages can be decisive in the choice of the type of accommodation. So, if the page is going to be developed in PHP or with free code tools and also the administration of the server will be in charge of the web hosting provider, then a Linux hosting would be the best option. While it is true that these types of technologies can work in Windows, it would be easier to implement them in Linux because they are perfectly compatible. And if on the other hand you are going to use ASP. .NET or SQL Server, without a doubt Windows is the best option.

Now that you have seen the most important differences between Windows and Linux servers, we hope that you will make the decision that best suits you and wish you luck in your future projects.