A Shared Hosting is the perfect solution for all those who want to create simply a personal website or the showcase of a small company, for prices as low as $1.50 per month. Below you will find a list of the most relevant and important internet plans. The score has been based on the combination of our personal valuation, with the valuations in the network and the relation quality / price.


Is a good Cheap Hosting option?

Cheap Hosting !, the normal thing to hear these words, is to think of a low quality hosting service, few resources and doubtful reliability. This was really the situation a few years ago, but now technology has evolved. In the selection shown, the hosting plans of serious companies appear, which stand out for offering unlimited disk space, free domains, unlimited traffic or some special service, for a more than adjusted price. These cheap hosting plans offer excellent quality, capacity and security.

The cheap hosting is the model of plan that has increased the offer in the market, reaching 85% of the requests we cover. The explanation of how they can offer this level of service with such low prices, is that in the resources of a single server, equivalent to those of the Dedicated Server plans, they put many hostings of this type, sharing all the resources together. For this reason, the cheap hosting plans are known as shared hosting.

Being realistic and evaluating the offer, a very high percentage of websites can cover their needs by hiring this type of shared hosting plans.

Advantages of Shared Hosting:

THE PRICE– The most notable advantage of shared hosting are the low prices paid for this type of service. For the hosting company, the prices of the machines (hardware) are cheaper each day and the processing capacity they obtain grows, which allows them to have more resources at a lower price.

NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE IS NECESSARY – In the shared hosting model, the management of the physical machine, the operating system (Linux / Windows / UNIX) and the main applications are carried out by the technical staff of the hosting company. The client that hires a Shared Hosting plan does not have to have advanced technical knowledge.

EASY TO USEĀ – As we have said, a shared hosting is actually the right to use / access a contracted part of resources. To access this part and manage it, all the plans offer a web service through which we can manage all the actions we need to put our web service up and running. This service also stands out for having attendees to create websites, making it possible to create a website in just 3 clicks. This service is called Control Panel. The most used at present is the cPanel, so if we hire a plan with cPanel, we know that we will be backed by the knowledge of the entire internet community that also uses it.

CAPACITY AND FLEXIBILITY – The plans offered by the companies allow us to hire more resources as our website requires them. So, if we hire a shared hosting plan, we create the web, it works very well and it falls short in disk space, we can solve the problem immediately, hiring the plan superior to our contract, without having to make any other task on our part. This is the reason why it is recommended to evaluate our needs well and hire if we fear, given that we are always in time to expand the service.


DISADVANTAGES of Shared Hosting:

SHARED RESOURCES – As we have already commented, the cheap Hosting model is based on sharing resources among many clients. This implies that if certain clients make an exhaustive use of the resources, they can affect other customers, including your website, causing it to go slower at certain times.

STANDARD SOFTWARE – By contracting a dedicated hosting plan, the hosting company does not allow you to install the software you want, having to use the software that is available through the Control Panel.

COMMITMENTS OF LOW SERVICES – Hosting companies offer these plans at very low prices, which means that they have to be profitable in some way. The normal thing is that the customer support service is low and the commitments to have all the resources always available to you, are not 100%. In the list shown, that is why we emphasize that we have valued this point as one of the indicators.

SECURITY – Security is an issue that can not be guaranteed in these types of environments. We have a shared hosting with another bunch of web hosting and we do not know what the rest do. If someone lodged here compromises the main machine, it is automatically compromising all the machines hosted on the server. Fortunately, companies like webempresa, are already offering a basic service, to cover some aspects of security, without additional cost for the client.



If you do not have high IT skills, you are doing a website without large amounts of images or videos or you need a wide range of resources at friendly prices, shared hosting is the option to choose. This type of cheap hosting allows you to contain structural expenses without compromising the services and functionalities you need to improve your web presence.