Linux is an operating system that is installed on a computer and runs applications on a virtual platform. In that aspect, the concept does not differ much from any other operating system. What makes Linux special is its powerful computing power that ranges from supporting the New York Stock Exchange to smartphones and super computers for scientific analysis.


Why Is Linux Hosting Popular?

Linux is a free software operating system. It does not depend on a company but on the development and joint development of various volunteer programmers worldwide.

Linux is the preferred server by excellence for the hosting of websites with a total that covers 70% of the servers worldwide. It was not to be expected less, Linux is considered the best operating system for web hosting, given its characteristics of efficiency, efficiency and stability for programming languages ​​such as ASP, VB Script, PHP, Perl or MySQL. Linux is perfect for blogs, systems management, opinion forums and online stores.


What Are The Advantages of Linux Hosting?

Many people choose to install Linux because of the economic facilities provided by this server, because the cost of a server in Linux is considerably less than the rest without this altering its performance. It is much cheaper because it has a free software license. The response time of the server is drastically reduced with a Linux operating system, which is optimized for computer operations only. As a dedicated server, Linux is popular because it is easier to use and more secure than others. The vulnerabilities in Linux are scarce and are improving with incredible speed due to the joint work.

Linux is very light, consumes few resources and its function is equally broad. A computer that today is considered old or obsolete can run perfectly in Linux, which not only helps save money, space and time, but also contributes to natural resource management because it avoids buying new equipment unnecessarily. Linux ends up being a situation of total gain without any risk to the user.

When using Linux, your data is secure, encrypted and well protected. Linux is optimal for monetary transactions, purchases, sales and development of new and independent software, as it does not contain copyright restrictions or violate the user’s privacy in case any company so stipulates in its terms and services contract.

Linux offers the user the ability to develop better in the computer field, which makes it a more skilled worker in the workplace because it is not limited to knowing the computer as a consumer but at the same time as an active participant in its creation and development. In addition, Linux can be very educational. Linux files can be opened without the need to alter the programming or hack the system. The free code of Linux allows anyone to read how it is encrypted, so that the user can imitate the way the codes were written to correct their mistakes or add a bit of their own skills to improve it.

Anyone, the best of all is that there are no barriers or limits to this operating system. It is available to everyone and can be installed on any computer.