One of the most important elements to be able to have a blog is a web hosting service. Although you can create free blogs on Blogger, and many other similar platforms, there is nothing better than having your blog in your own domain and with a web hosting account.

There are many companies that offer web hosting service, that is why it is always good to be informed and analyze the option that best suits you, which benefits are better and that offer a good price.

Here I present some of the best hosting options for your blog:



Hostgator is one of the most popular and popular companies to host web pages and blogs of all kinds. They have great customer service, very few failures (I have been with them for several years without any problem), excellent price and many options to have a great experience on the Internet.

You can start paying only $0.01 usd the first month and then the cost is $9.99 or a little more depending on the package you choose.



This is another great option that has excellent prices, all the necessary features to create a web page, unlimited space, email accounts and much more. One of the most outstanding features of Bluehost is its excellent service and help in case of any problem with the servers.

In a matter of a couple of minutes you can be talking to a representative to solve all your doubts easily and quickly.

Even if you do not know anything about WordPress or if you already have something, this course will help you to define your ideal client/reader, the structure of your site, the essential plugins and to add content with different types of templates.



Another good option very similar to Bluehost (they have the same owners). It offers a very good customer service, unlimited domains, email accounts, installation of platforms such as WordPress and many other things for an affordable price.

With a very peculiar and unique name, is one of the hosting companies that offers the best prices in the market. There are packages with great benefits where you only pay around $3 USD per month, a really low price!

In total you could pay only $44 USD for a year of Web hosting.

These were 4 excellent hosting options for your blog. Remember that you can always create a free blog, but the best thing is to have one with a domain and own hosting, the benefits are much better when you choose this option.

Start today and choose the option that you think best fits your needs.