Web Hosting Guide Low-Cost. Learn how to detect a very good one among the cheap hosting providers.

And why not use a Cheap Hosting? All websites and blogs must be created on a reliable Web hosting service, but this does not mean that it has to cost an arm and a leg. When people consult me, I always answer the same thing: Not all cheap hostings are lousy! There are cheap hosting services that are very reliable and can cover your needs, coming to equate that dedicated server service that you are planning to hire. And keep in mind, that your “incredible” business idea may not even need, a dedicated hosting and less a virtual server.

The proposal is to be realistic, save costs in the initial phase of business creation (which is already good) and first hire a shared hosting service (known as cheap hosting), hiring a higher service when the volume of customers starts to to be important. When I began my adventures on the internet I had outstanding problems, not in one but two hosting services of dubious reputation. I found myself wasting money on a dedicated server service that came very large to my needs and in such a tight hosting that I did not have expansion options. These experiences made me lose a lot of time to solve what was a reality and the only benefit I got from it were some good anger. This is the price you pay for being a rookie.

I do not want the same thing to happen to you, so I decided to write this article. In this article I will show you the true reality to be a good “cheap hosting hunter”, and that you save a lot of money in the web hosting service.

Prepared? Let the game begin!


First, let’s define “Cheap”.

For a hosting service to be considered within this category, how cheap does it have to be?

Following this category during the previous ten years, first it was considered cheap, €9.50 per month, then €7.95 per month, €5.95 per month, reaching prices as low as €1.99 in certain offers that There is in the current market.

Then … when it is considered Cheap?

The quick response: Below €5 / month, with adequate services.

For appropriate services, I refer to the hosting services that offer the most common options in the current market. The values ​​that make up this market standard change over time, being normal, a few years ago, that for 6 € per month, you only had 3GB of disk space, you could add 6 additional domains and a monthly transfer rate of 10GB Currently, the normal thing is that all these values ​​are offered in an unlimited way.

Currently, a cheap standard hosting service, must be able to host at least 50 to 100 domains not very active, web statistics service, email and webmail service, auto-installations by script, updated versions of PHP and MySQL, technical service post -basic sale, and a minimum service availability of 99.5%. From these references, they can be considered a plus, if they offer continuous backup and restoration service, periodic malware scan, dedicated IPs or private SSL certificates.

Some of the Cheap Web Hosting Offers (below €5  month)

Below is a list of hostings below €5/month that we have reviewed in the past. Some of them are good, others not so good, and some have special discounts only available here. These hostings appear here because they fall into the price category.

If you are looking for a tight price hosting solution, this list can be a good starting point. You can also take a look at the discounts section to find the latest discounts and promotional coupons.


Problem 1 – High Renewal Price

Solu c i or n:The contract renewal price is usually higher than the contract price. For example, the iPage promotion is at $1.89 / month, but when you renew it goes up to $8.95/month. This same policy is what they use in most large, cheap service companies. This unabashedly low price is what they use to get people to hire their services with their eyes closed. When hiring, be smarter than them and value the price of renewal, in order to know that you will cost the next few years and if this is a price you would pay for your website if it works. If it is acceptable and you are setting up a website that you do not know how to get angry, it is the ideal situation, because it will allow you to set up a business, with very low structural expenses and decide once a year if you renew the service. If you want to keep the price low, you have two options:

1 – If you are sure of your business, look for a service that has a “money back guarantee” and hire the service for a long period of time (eg: 24 months), taking advantage of the offer.

2 – Hire the services of another provider and move the web to this. This technique is known as “web host hoping”, but I only recommend it in very special cases and with few needs, as it implies technical knowledge and good luck so that the service of our website is not affected.

The prices of the services that we are talking about, are really low and I doubt that the companies could maintain their systems with this income. Everyone sets up a business to have benefits and these companies are no exception. Particularly, aware, I pay the fair renewal of my web services in exchange for the good service they offer me.


Problem 2 – You Are In A Contract For Many Months

Some cheap hosting services, you are forced to hire for raising number of months if you want to get a lower price. Before letting you convince for the price, value the life of your web project and the guarantees offered by the hosting provider. Verify that within the contract, all contracted services also enter. There are some cases that offer you a contract for 36 months of hosting, but they make you pay the gift domain (€11) the second and third year, adding 22 euros to the cost of the project. There are some providers that offer you the money back guarantee (proportional to the remaining months), which is a point to consider if we want to contract a long-term service.

In particular, I contract web services in annuities and renew them for years, when I see how the business works. I do not recommend hiring services for more than two years, because technologies are evolving very fast, new services are coming out and also hosting companies can close, keeping our dear money, which is difficult to claim.


Problem 3 – Unnecessary Addons

The web hosting companies of adjusted price, earn money recommending additional software or applications to their clients. Some of them even force the client to subscribe to trial versions in order to register.

Solution During the hiring of the service, verify all the steps conscientiously, in order to make sure that you are not registering in any trial version of software or web service. Do not believe first mails and suggestions that you send from your web hosting company. Avoid clicking without knowing what and learn a little before registering in any additional service of your account.


Problem 4 – Saturated Servers

Solu c i or n: Before hiring a service tracks activity of your servers and read reviews on it. If you see that there are comments on the network about unavailability of service or slowness of access, you have many numbers offered by the service from servers that are saturated, with hundreds of websites competing between them for CPU and bandwidth. You can search in google “xxxxx response time” or “slowness in xxxxxx”, where in xxxxx we will put the name of the hosting company. Seeing the results, we can get an idea of ​​the service.


Problem 5 – Bad Neighbours In Hosting Server

Solu c i or n: Shared accommodations have historically been used by hackers and services send bulk email, to attack their neighbors. Currently this is very difficult to happen to us, because of the restrictive policies verso hacking spam techniques. If you detect that you have security problems with a neighbor, you can contact the technical service of your hosting to discuss your situation and ask them to “change your server block”.


Problem 6 – Blocked IP Addresses

Solu c i or n: Internet is protected from malicious sites, blocking IP addresses from which the attacks occur, recording such IP in what is known as blacklisting (Black Lists). Being a shared server, your service and the n-hundreds that are on the server, go to the internet using the same IP, so if you have a bad neighbor, they may block your/your IP. It is very advisable to verify in what state the IP of your service is, as well as you have established the contract. For this you can use services such as SpamHaus Block List that give you a very detailed information of the state.

If you detect that the IP address of your server is in one of these lists, you can perform two actions:

1 – Ask your hosting company to assign you to another IP

2 – Request the service of Black Lists that remove your IP (and all your neighbors) from the list. (This option is usually more difficult, if your neighbor continues with his attacks)


Problem 7 – Lack of Technical Service

Solu c i or n: Nothing we can do with a lousy hosting service. For beginners, the only thing I can advise you is to inform you by opinion forums and avoid these services. One option is, before becoming a customer, to call the technical service and ask them some questions about the inodes, allocated memory, CPU cycles or bandwidth management and assess both the response and its form. But if you do not have technical knowledge, it is quite difficult to detect this situation. For this I recommend you take a tour of the Webmasters forums to see what ratings people give. If you are more experienced, you can always access WebmasterWorld.com and WebHostingTalk.com to see technical issues and supply the shortcomings of your technical service.


Problem 8 – Limited Amount of Databases

Solu c i or n: In order to save costs in CPU usage on the server, some services Hosting Inexpensive, limit the use of MySQL databases. This type of Databases, are the pillar for content managers such as WordPress. Before hiring, make sure that the service supports an adequate number of databases. Avoid those hosting services that offer too few (a minimum of 100), because in the market there are a lot of cheap hostings that offer unlimited MySQL databases in their services.

NOTE: This point is very important if your website is going to be about a content manager (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, ..)


Problem 9 – Limited Amount of iNodes

Solu c i or n:Innodes? What are the inodes and what do I care about? Well, inodes are data structures of unix environments, which grow mainly with the number of files, directories and links on our website. In some contracts puts a limit number of inodes per account, or what is the same, number of files we can have. The issue is that your account may have unlimited space certainly, but it has the limitation of our files, which will be of little use to you to have all the space in the world. You can search within the contract (Ctrl + F) for the words “inode” or “number of files”, to see if there are any limitations. Usually the figures are usually high (from 100,000 inodes per account), enough for a normal website.

There is the idea that cheap hostings only serve to create websites of toy and poor quality, but if you want to create a good online business, you have to hire a virtual server or a dedicated server.

Not at all this is true! With the offer of cheap accommodation that exists today, many things can be done. The question is: Are you ready to know how to choose the good mushrooms among all the poisonous ones?

Do not think that by hiring a virtual server or a dedicated server, you will avoid all the problems. In fact, the problems presented by these are much more technical and require more knowledge.

Many webmasters are wrong and think that cheap hosting is bad because:

1 – It is the most contracted, which is also the most criticized and also by people who have not been concerned about getting informed and are carried away by the price alone.

2 – The fine print of the contract has not been revised and they are carried away by marketing.

3 – They do not value the technical needs of their web applications.