When you think about creating a website, many important aspects are planned. One of them is the web hosting that will be hired.

If the website is not as complicated as blogs, news sites or a presentation page, then the requirements that we will look for in the hosting service will not be very high. Since the information that we will be handling does not require high security, the basic packages of most Web Hosting companies can serve us.

However, the matter changes when the page we will be setting up will be an online store or e-commerce site ( ecommerce ). This type of pages require greater security against the theft of customer information, monetary thefts or alterations in the inventories and internal movements of the site. In an extreme case, we could be involved in large demands for the misuse of information from our clients or even be accomplices in a crime because of a hacker.

Despite the fact that much progress has been made in terms of security, the sad reality is that the globalization of information through the Internet has made it relatively simple that, even a child, with the appropriate tools (free and downloaded from the internet) and a little cunning, it can go through the security of moderately secure servers.

For all this and more, it is vital to take into account certain factors when deciding which Web Hosting to hire to set up an online store.



All web hosting providers that are professionals, do not skimp space on their websites to explain each and every one of the security aspects in which they have worked. It is necessary to take them into account, since the customers of your company will trust that when you register and register your confidential data in your online store, your information is safe and will not be used for other purposes. Therefore, safety is an aspect that should never be skimped.

If your store accepts credit card payments, it is essential that you have the Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) certificate system and preferably, a fixed IP. Any decent Web Hosting company will have these options. The SSL certificates , will equip your website the ability to encrypt the information that goes from your server to your client and vice versa; thus leaving the “curious” outside the communication tunnel. High security, which will prevent the theft of information.



Your Web Hosting provider has to offer you online time percentages higher than 99%. Each time a visitor clicks on a link and comes up with a “404” error (page that does not exist or temporarily offline), it will be a bad recommendation for your site and company. The credibility of that client will decline with every error that appears before their eyes.

If an error occurs at the time of a transaction, you could miss that sale, create confusion in the client or in the worst case, lose your money and your company has to face a lawsuit. All these are terrible recommendations for your business that can be perfectly avoided by paying close attention to the online time offered by the web hosting company you will hire.

In theory, everyone should be able to offer us 100% effectiveness, but they do not do it due to possible temporary failures caused by unpredictable situations. By being realistic and measuring what their support teams can provide, they publish figures between 98% and 99.99% effective on their sites. If true, there should be no major problems caused by technical failures.

It is vital to investigate the stability of Web Hosting providers before contracting with them. Even after deciding and hiring one, you have to monitor your activity times. Any failure of more than 24 hours should be considered unacceptable and another provider should be sought immediately.


Scalability & Flexibility

All the administrators of an online store expect their business to grow in number of visits, registered users, sales obtained and products they publish. For this reason, when choosing accommodation, we must ensure that the company offers easy growth, in case of having contracted a package and then need more features.

If the provider offers that scalability, we are on the right track, but we will have to monitor some other aspects.

The page should not collapse at any time, nor show “lost images” to reach the maximum load times. Try at times when you have more visitors connected; Transactions always have to be completed correctly.

If you encounter problems of this type, contact your provider immediately; It can be a failure or simply the time to increase the characteristics of the accommodation. In both cases your provider will guide you.

Before choosing, look for a provider that is flexible and provides good technical support, but also has a good track record from other clients.


Choose From A Top Known Provider

There are many options for Web Hosting providers and sometimes the decision can be somewhat complicated. A good idea is to research among the online stores that will be the competition of your company. Find out what Web Hosting providers have chosen them. If it’s good for them, it’s likely to be good for you. In addition, you will be sure that they have experience in online stores and the requirements they need to cover.


Payment Methods

Most online stores offer popular shopping carts and credit card transactions. However, there are many other payment options. Avoid deciding on your customers and make available as many payment options as possible. You may even earn more customers by offering more payment options than your competition.



It will always be preferable to choose among the largest and most renowned Web Hosting companies. Although that does not guarantee that they are the best, if it is more likely that they can satisfy all the aforementioned requirements.

These companies have more experience and better levels of security. By position, the more customers you have, the more workload you have to satisfy and it is likely that technical support will not always be the fastest. You must take into account all these aspects before choosing and after having hired.