You have dedicated a lot of time and effort to create a top- notch WordPress website for your business or organization. Now you expect all that work to pay off and a large number of users find your website and start using it. But how exactly does that happen? With luck, you will not be waiting for visitors to accidentally come across your website. Hopefully, you’ll be going after them through various channels, including the search engines.

It is rare for people to Google something without a purpose. People do searches because they look for information. That suggests that you need to improve the ranking of your WordPress website in the major search engines. Here’s the good news: it’s not hard to do. On the Internet there are great tips available; we have listed three of them below.


Start researching keywords

Google has a handy tool that will help you discover what kind of keywords are most often searched for the business or industry your website is related to. The tool is called “Keyword Planner”; you can access it by opening an account in Google AdWords. Do not worry; You can register for free and use the tool, even if you never buy ads.

Keyword research using the keyword planner is as simple as entering a series of keywords and phrases that you think people could use to search your website. Google analyzes those keywords and phrases and classifies them according to their order of importance. The ones that are most important are those that you should focus on for the entries and pages of your WordPress blog.


Publish new blogs frequently

Many WordPress website owners mistakenly believe that volume is the most important thing when it comes to updating their websites. It turns out that is not true. The frequency is the most important. In other words, it is better to publish a new blog every day instead of three in a day and then five more at the end of the week.

Search engines value the frequency of your updates more than their volume. By the way, this also applies to the number of words. Blog entries of 600 words on consecutive days are more valuable than unique entries of more than 1000 words. In short, you should publish new content frequently. Frequent updates tell search engines that you are striving to be relevant.


Make your content can be shared

Our third tip is to make your content can be shared by writing your blog posts bareback or using one of the many WordPress plugins for social networks. Why is this important? Because sharing on social networks improves search engine results.

By the way, your visitors can copy and paste your new blog post, but they do not really want to do it. Making your content shareable or with a plugin means that it can be shared on numerous social networks with the click of a button. Put the easy things and your readers will be more likely to share.