An SSL certificate is a form of security technology used to certify that the websites where people browse are safe. One way to know when a page has an SSL certificate is to see if the URL stands for https.

The http are the abbreviations of “Hypertext Transfer Protocol”. It is the default and most used method of navigation on the Internet. Almost all modern browsers omit the address (http: //), but that does not necessarily mean that browsers do not have the ability to detect fraudulent pages.


How Do SSL Certificates Work?

For example: when a browser detects a website with a security certificate, it simply opens it and shows it to you. But when a site has an SSL security certificate that has already expired, it warns you that the site is not secure. It will depend on you whether or not you want to enter that website.

All SSL certificates are assigned to a Hosting or to an account in which they are hosted. The information that enters a web page that has an SSL certificate is assured: This information is encoded before being sent to its final destination. This makes the data of the people who usually buy online businesses are safe.


Who Created SSL Certificates?

This type of technology, developed by the company Netscape, is mostly used in electronic business websites and in almost all membership websites, to protect the data that members leave on those sites. In this way they prevent the data entered on the web from reaching the hands of cyber criminals. If it had not been for SSL certificates, scams would be the order of the day and privacy would have been virtually zero on the Internet.


What Does the Acronym SSL Mean?

SSL certificates, which are also derived from their English name “Secure Socket Layer” are assigned by a certification authority (CA), who are responsible for providing this service. SSL certificates contain data such as: name of the client company, a serial number of the certificate, expiration date of the certificate and a public key used to encrypt the information.

If you are thinking about buying an SSL certificate for yourself and you want to install it, you should expect the certificate to be approved. Once your SSL certificate has been approved and issued by a CA, you must go to the website of the CA in which you have processed the certificate so that it proceeds to download the scripts that must be added to your web page. When installing the certificate, you will see a stamp, or a small line of codes, that links to a pop-up window generated by the CA that contains the information of your SSL certificate.


Are SSL Certificates Required?

It is not mandatory to have a certificate to sell online or collect customer data, it will only be necessary if you have an online store and if your website requests credit card information or any other type of electronic payments.

Anyway … if you want to know if a web page is safe to enter your data, you must make sure that this site has an SSL certificate, because otherwise your data could be stolen. Make sure you navigate on the page that in your navigation bar have the acronym “https”.