What are VPS servers?

A VPS or
Private Virtual Server is a method that allows you to partition the resources
of a physical server in multiple sections, all thanks to a special operating
system that will manage virtualization. 
Each of these sections is installed a different OS, allowing work with
each of these virtual machines as if it were a server independent of any other
operating system that works on the same server, and all running at the same
time.  Put simply, a server is installed
two or more operating systems and each of them is a separate VPS.

A VPS is a
way to take advantage of the benefits of having a dedicated server at a much
lower price, because instead of investing necessarily in the necessary
infrastructure to have several servers, only one is invested and all the
necessary ones are virtualized.  Once the
VPS are installed and configured, they can be accessed from the network through
“Remote Desktop” or “SSH” sessions.

Working with
information is always a very big responsibility.  The information may be about the customers of
a company, the necessary files and documents that make up a website, the
inventories of products or even the accounting that a business manages.  To save this information and of course, the
computer systems with which the company will work, a server is always necessary
where all these processes are centralized.

The costs of
maintaining your own server go beyond the purchase of the equipment, you must
also budget the costs of energy, cooling, maintenance, bandwidth on the
Internet, electrical backup system and of course, the security required by the
place avoid mishaps or theft of information.